Creme de la Mer and Hydrating Infusion (plus, a slightly less expensive alternative!)

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La Mer’s Creme de la Mer truly is, as the little paper that comes with the cream says, “coveted by those in the know.” My mother is one of those no-nonsense women who has a handful of products that she stays loyal to and there is very little experimentation involved in her regimen. So I know that when she uses something, it must actually work. She, like so many women, swears by La Mer, so I’m so excited for their Hydrating Infusion to come-out, because it’s one product I know I can give her that she will actually try-out!! And, on a side note, since I’m talking about my mother’s beauty regimen, I’ve been using the body cream of another brand she favors — M LAB (I’ve talked about it before), and while I’m not going to pretend that I actually know what this implies, M LAB’s skincare products are composed of 45-74% clinically active ingredients compared to most other lines which supposedly only have 10-20%. I don’t particularly care for the smell (maybe it’s all the active ingredients that give it a sort of medical cream-smell!), but their body cream has just the right amount of greasy-ness and it will literally keep your skin as smooth as baby’s bum for days (and days and days – seriously), and luckily, the smell dissipates quickly…Love it! I think M LAB (especially their anti-aging creams), are a wonderful alternative for those that cannot quite afford La Mer, but still want an amazing product. That said, take one whiff of La Mer’s cream and one look at my wrinkle-free (and botox-free), mother and you’ll see why nothing can whole-heartedly rival La Mer. More about La Mer’s newest product after the Jump!

La Mer’s Hydrating Infusion is meant to be used with and maximize the effects of, La Mer’s signature cream. I had the chance to get my hands on a lab sample and it smells wonderfully refreshing (almost drinkably so!) — like rose water. Check-out the below Q and A with Paul Tchinnis, the Director of Research and Development at The Max Huber Research Labs for more insight!

Q: Savvy consumers are familiar with the idea of moisturizing while skin is still damp in order to penetrate the skin barrier, thereby reaching optimal hydration levels. Can you explain why an infusion is an optimal way to achieve this same thing?

A: I try to break it down by explaining that there are two ways to hydrate and moisturize the skin. One is to trap the moisture that already exists in your skin, and the other is to add moisture to your skin (in much the same way that Creme de La Mer does). The Hydrating Infusion preps the skin in order to achieve both.

Think about it this way: Creme de la Mer is the ultimate moisture product, but some of our consumers want even more moisture. You can’t just apply double the amount because you’re skin can only absorb so much. So, part of the reason we’ve invented this category—the infusion—is to approach moisture using a different delivery system. We supply the moisture and lock it in all by prepping the skin with the infusion. It performs double duty and offers a hydration boost when followed by the Creme.

Q: If we’ve gone this long without “infusions” as a category, why is it so necessary now?

A: What’s important to realize here is that this is a totally new type of delivery system. This infusion is actually making the Creme work harder for you, and provide you with even more moisture. It is an interactive gel network in which the key ingredients are suspended and released as needed, based on the skin’s moisture level, temperature and Ph. We did this with the Radiant Infusion to achieve luminosity, and we’re doing it with the Hydrating Infusion to achieve optimal levels of hydration and smoothness.

Q: What are the key ingredients in the Hydrating Infusion?

A: The Max Huber Research Labs look all over the globe to find seaweed and algae that contain the best moisturizing properties. The two that we use in the Hydrating Infusion are very special.

Porphyribum Crentum: This is a saltwater red algae and it’s found in a marine spring off the coast of Brittany, France, that naturally occurs under the Mediterranean Sea. This type of seaweed has incredible hydrating properties and is very rich in antioxidants.

Codium Tomesmum: We used this dark green algae, which is found off the coasts of Japan and Indonesia, for its long strain of a polysaccharide. This is really the key ingredient in terms of supplying long-term hydration.

We also incorporate sea silt minerals into our exclusive blend like iron, copper, and magnesium. These minerals, which occur naturally in an ancient sea beds, can actually enhance skin performance, and help the surface skin cells keep themselves moisturized. Essentially, these minerals are integral for both short-term and long-term moisture.

Q: Does the pump delivery system enhance the efficacy of the product?

A: Every decision we make is heavily weighed to ensure that the product is superior. The package is always considered from the very beginning of the process. The form of the package really caters to the formula, and how it’s best administered. Considering the viscosity of the infusion, we decided it is best delivered from a pump.

La Mer’s Hydrating ($95) Infusion will be available in September at select Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and La Mer online.


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  1. Charlestongirl
    August 2, 2008 / 1:22 pm

    I will be buying this product as soon as it’s available. I use the La Mer Concentrate under my La Mer cream now, so I hope it works as well and is a bit less expensive. The duo works really well for my skin, and at my age, the skin compliments really matter!

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