Laduree Perfumed Candle Collection

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I was shopping in the home section at Bergdorf Goodman a few days ago when I spotted a table with over a dozen candles in an array of eye-catching colors. I immediately began to sniff away and whilst making my way down the line of scents, I noticed that the candles were from Laduree! Candles from a cakes and pastries brand would ordinarily be something I would shy away from – I love Payard, but have you smelled their perfumes and candles?? Eeck! But these were not only gorgeous in their aesthetic simplicity (most feature signature Laduree macaroon colors like green, sugared-almond pink, lilac violet, daffodil yellow, pale

blue…), but smelled refreshingly light. While just writing “Laduree” makes me salivate a bit, the candles themselves aren’t overly sweet or food-like, even the Candied Fruit and Carmel ones I could see myself burning without relentlessly thinking of noshing on something sweet. The candles retail for $68 at Bergdorf, but you can get them for $56 at Colette.  Jump for the list of all the candle scents!

The candle collection is broken down into three groups –

Les Gourmandes: Brioche, Caramel with salted butter, Wild Strawberries, Chocolate Orange, Liquorice,

Glazed chestnut, Café Crème, and Candied fruit.
Les Romantiques:

Paeva (wild violet-based scent), Orange blossom,

and Arabian Nights

(woody scent)
Les Exceptionnelles:


(sweet rose-like scent), Delice

(light, soft scent),

Amandine, and Othello

(smokey scent)

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