Lady Gaga x Versace Athena Bag: Versace, Versace, Versace

Lady Gaga x Versace Athena Bag

Another day, another eye-popping ensemble from Gaga! This white queen look is so bizarre, and yet, I love everything about it. It’s as if she’s a ghostly vision from a Japanese manga. And true to her devotion to Donatella, Gaga’s carrying a Versace Athena bag. She normally doesn’t care about function at all, so it’s nice to see her getting around chilly NYC in a long, warm fur (even if her legs are bare!). Really, though, how does one walk in those platforms?! I would love a tutorial. Until then, let’s just hope that vomit “artist” doesn’t get anywhere near this all-white ensemble. Shop a similar style for $2,675 at Versace.

Lady Gaga x Versace Athena Bag

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