Lancer Skincare: Bikini Body Talk

Lancer Skincare

All right, it’s finally time for shoulder-bearing – and in some cases, belly-baring – clothes, and if you’re doing it right, getting skin ready for the season is half the fun. To be clear, by doing it right I’m talking about using Lancer Skincare’s The Method products; they’ll make your skin smooth as butter, while still firming for the taut-legged look we all dream to have but refuse to go to the gym to get. First up is the self-warming polish. Scrub the entire body, or stick to your dry areas like elbows, knees, and feet (especially the ball and heel area for high heel-obsessed Snobs).

The cleanser isn’t a necessity, but it’s always best to use a line of products in conjunction. Following up with step two will make sure all of the lingering dead skin that the polish rubbed off is gone. Then finish off with my favorite, the Body Nourish Crème. Full disclosure: I winced from the sting I felt when I first applied this. After a few days, though, my skin adjusted to the glycolic acid, and after three weeks, I’m now using it twice a day (hey, bikini season is pretty much already here down in Texas!). If you can only splurge on one of the sleekly-packaged items, go for the crème. I promise you’ll thank me when all eyes are on you at the pool! Lancer Skincare The Method Body Polish Exfoliatoricon ($60), Body Nourish Crèmeicon ($55), and Body Cleanse Cleansericon ($30) available at Nordstrom.

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