Laneige BB Cushion: Hey, BB!


Frugal find of the month! This Korean drugstore BB cream will change your life. Never heard of Laneige? Me neither, until recently. Amore Pacific, the largest cosmetics company in South Korea, created Laneige in 1994, and it’s become a fast favorite with girls in Asia. The story behind the brand centers around mineral water, which they like to label “Optimal Mineral Water,” harvested from the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas. Allegedly, they spent 20 years perfecting its scientifically-engineered properties for skin and, according to Laneige, this “superior water” is the secret to hydrating, protecting, and revitalizing skin. A friend turned me on to the line when she used it to touch up her skin while sitting in my car after a Pure Barre class. She instantly looked dewy and fresh, while I remained a sweaty mess.

In the warmer months, it’s always the same dilemma: Reapply foundation or sunscreen or both? Layers of foundation can get dry and cracked, and I’ve never liked powder SPF sticks. Laneige BB Cushion is the answer! Compact and easy to use, it provides moist, dewy coverage no matter how many layers you apply. Bonus: It contains SPF 50. Drugstore finds really are the best. Though at $34 a pop, it’s not exactly a mega-bargain. Most surprising were the samples Target’s Beauty Conciergeicon offered me, so I could choose my exact shade. It runs darker, so go a shade paler than you normally would. I ended up getting the “LIGHT,” and I am obsessed! Use one layer for light coverage and two or three if you want medium to full coverage. It also comes with two extra sponges.


Now I’m happily dabbing at my skin all day long. I grabbed Laneige’s Water Bank Soothing Gel mask (at Target for $24) while I was at it. It’s not the best face mask I’ve ever used, not to mention it’s got way too much fragrance, but it’s definitely the most cost-effective – and it will give you a nice moisture boost. But clearly the cushion compact is the star of the show. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to apply! Laneige BB Cushion is available at Target for $34.

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  1. Kaiulani
    April 22, 2016 / 11:12 am

    Tried it based on your Snapchat and I am now obsessed. Thanks for the recommendation!

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