Lanvin Fur Cuff Fingerless Gloves: The Right Tuft

True, you can’t officially call a glove a jewel, per se. But when gloves are this decadent, they are too tempting not to put in the “ornate adornment” category. I have a pair of fur cuffs that I absolutely love – they instantly transform any article of clothing, be it a sharp little blazer or a slinky long-sleeved top. When the weather gets cold, it’s high time I get the urge for fur, but cuffs can get a little bulky when I need to keep my hands covered.

Lanvin’s burst of fluffy fox fur puts a sumptuous spin on fingerless gloves. Ribbed cashmere is cozy, fingerless gloves are just the thing for the modern girl, and an excessive amount of fur for your wrists is old-school glamorous. It’s all the right stuff! At Barneys New York for $1,410.

Pair with: Not only are fingerless gloves convenient for texting, they let you show off your rings. Ensure they see with Catbird’s First Knuckle ring (also known as a memory ring). Place the streamlined bit of yellow gold at the top of your finger and you have a cool twist on the classic band. At Catbird for $58.


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  1. November 30, 2011 / 9:10 am

    Love love love fingerless gloves, not only are they indispensable when using an i-phone but they are rock and roll cool. These ones from Lanvin chic as well.

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