last min holiday gifts FOR EVERY BUDGET AND TASTE

So many options, but yet we often struggle to find just the right gift for those we care about. Here are some ideas to get those gift-giving juices flowing (there’s not much time left!).


Coway Mighty, $225

A humidifier is a must for winter (especially if, like me, you’re prone to dry skin and bloody noses), but so is an air purifier – particularly if you have small children… this is a great gift idea for new parents! This model is a standout because it’s small but powerful and could not have a better design from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint. It can generate and maintain pure air in rooms up to 326 square feet and when no indoor air pollution is detected for 30 minutes, the fan will stop automatically (and start again when pollution is detected).


BoxyCharm, $21/month
Holiday is the best time to save on beauty, but BoxyCharm allows you to save year-round. They’re a monthly beauty box subscription service with four to five full-size products for only $21 (retail value over $100 and free shipping). For the holidays they have even more options for the frugal beauty lover including a “Best of Boxy” box for $99 that is valued at nearly $500. Take that Sephora…

Coby Waterproof Shower Speaker, $16.99

I’m obsessed with this! For under $20 I don’t think it gets any better. This waterproof speaker is easy to use and has good sound quality (especially for the price). I’ve been blasting Queen non-stop since seeing Bohemian Rhapsody (such a good movie!).


Pyrex, prices vary but many options under $10

To know me (or at least eat next to me) is to know that I’m obsessed with all things Milk Bar. I’ve had the chance to meet Christina Tosi in person a few times and on top of being one of the most innovative pastry chefs in the world, she couldn’t be sweeter or more humble (I mean she even has a Chef’s Table episode dedicated to her! This is impressive…). She just came out with a new collection of Tosi x Pyrex storage containers and they’re adorable and totally fit what seems to be her personality. The brand also has a number of other options I’m loving. Especially the below:


For the most part, sugar is sugar, but sweetening with maple syrup does have benefits – especially if you opt for the real deal like the ones in this set (certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers). Pure maple syrup is rich in potent antioxidants and studies have shown it may even help to fight cancer. Maple syrup has a lower glycemic index (54) than table sugar (65), so it may cause fewer blood sugar highs and lows than table sugar. Just keep portion control in mind. Runamok Maple’s sets are such a fun gift idea! Plus as someone who is doing fertility treatments I very much appreciate an alternative to a wine pairing.
Kindle, $99.99
I held on to actual books for as long as I could. The new Kindle is just too good to pass up. My brother works at Amazon so my interest was peaked when he was raving about it in our family group. It really does live up to the hype. It’s thin, light, and easy to read – no matter how bad your eyesight is – it’s also waterproof and you can use it for audio books as well. I’ve had the worst trouble sleeping and the audio book feature on this is one thing that is actually helping.
I’m at that age where everyone around is having a baby (and given that I’ve been doing fertility treatments for a year now, it’s clearly on my mind). When I was emailed about Fridababy my attention was immediately peaked. The kit comes with some of the most innovative products for new moms – seriously my Israeli friends went bonkers when I brought this to Tel Aviv. The kit’s ingenious tools include ones to help with everything from boogers to free trapped farts. Help your new parents sleep just a little better and get them this kit!

Domenica Fiore Reserva Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $21.95-$39.95

I’ve been traveling back and forth to Israel enough to know good olive oil… and this is damn good olive oil! Domenica Fiore Reserva Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most awarded in the world (it’s sold at Eataly) and makes for a great hostess gift. It’s so much more memorable than wine or flowers. Plus it will last for weeks to come.

Primally Pure, $12 and up
Obviously deodorant isn’t sexy, but the packaging here is. Plus the brand also makes other essentials for us women who workout obsessively including dry shampoo and bath soaks. The line is 100% non-toxic and not to sound like a broken record, but as someone trying to get pregnant, it’s so important to weave clean products into a beauty routine.

I appreciate a good candle, but I also appreciate a good value. Bath & Body Works almost always has markdowns on their products and while some of the candles can be a bit cheesy in both scent and packaging (though that can be fun for the right person!), they also have some more understated ones that look (and smell) way more luxe than their price tag. The one above is my favorite. It’s a perfect budget hostess gift or for someone who needs to relax with a good read and bath. 

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