Leather Leggings: Go Faux

Leather Leggings

It would be easy to assume that the best-made leather leggings are the most expensive. This is just not true, though. My Helmut Langsicon (on NET-A-PORTER for $920) sagged after two years, Balenciagasicon (on My Theresa for $1,845) are fabulous yet stiff and uncomfortable (not to mention crafted for 6’ tall glamazons), and worst of all, my Rowicon (on NET-A-PORTER for $1,850) spilt right in half (remember my TV appearance?)…not once, but twice. You can try everything from on-trend Rick Owensicon (on Farfetch for $1,276.80, from $2,553.60) to moto-classic Belstaff, but believe it or not, the best leather leggings aren’t even leather at all. At a dinner with a WWD editor, she kicked up her leg and said, “This is going to change your life.” Not only do Wilfred Free’s Darias look like leather, the fit better than leather, never stretch, and are machine washable. How is this even possible?? While another of my friends told me that they do stretch, I’ve got a trick that’s prevented that. Just put them in the freezer overnight! I do the same with my jeans to keep them slim-fit and bacteria-free. What can I say? My son has grown shockingly accustomed to opening the freezer for ice cream and finding clothes. Available at Aritzia for $135.

Leather Leggings

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