Les Petits Joeurs Clutches: Lego My Couture!

Les Petits Joueurs Mondrian Lego Clutch and Piano Leather Clutch

This season, there’s one big question: to Lego or not to Lego? Colorful Legos are the biggest craze in bags since, well, leather. Remember the Lego Hermès Birkin, circa 2012? One year later, and the Lego reigns supreme, executed by the house of Chanel and indie artists alike. Chanel’s creations (below), as seen in the hands of Anna Dello Russo for one, are obviously the snobbiest of the bunch.  But they’re also the priciest, coming in at a whopping 12k for the limited-edition black and gold version. My friend dropped hers and a large piece broke off (sad story, I know), so it’s clearly not the sturdiest of bags.

At the other end of the spectrum: Aga bags. They start at a mere $180, but the downside is they look like actual toys built by my eight-year-old. So let’s compromise, shall we? The renditions by Les Petits Joueurs are expensive yet beautifully made. Handcrafted in Florence (one of my favorite cities in the world!), their clutches are witty riffs on piano keys and Mondrian’s modern masterpiece. Sure, they’re still very expensive – just under $1,000 a piece – but for that certain bag connoisseur, this is art worth collecting.


Lego Mondrian suede clutch and Lego Piano leather clutch, $952 each on Luisa via Roma.

Aga Bag Lego Birkin Clutch

Chanel Lego Clutches


  1. May 1, 2013 / 12:36 am

    The green chanel is snob-tastic!! So drool-worthy!!

  2. May 1, 2013 / 2:32 pm

    Those Chanel bags are to die for and real collector’s items.

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