Let’s Talk Sequins

It’s officially party season. The temperature dropped a few degrees, and all of a sudden my inbox was flooded with party invites and holiday events. I love an excuse to throw on some sparkle as much as anyone else, but this year I’ve decided to ditch the sequins. I know that sounds like a cardinal holiday sin, but hear me out! It feels like as soon as October hits, the racks are packed with fully-sequined numbers bright enough to see from the parking lot. Every. Single. Year. I think it’s high time that we all go on a sequin cleanse.

This year I’m going for something a little different in the form of embellishments and contrasting textures. Give me some beading, glitter, lace, and velvet. Add in a little leather, embroidery, and silk. Now that’s what I call a recipe for party perfection.


Rebecca Taylor Floral Fil Coupé and Velvet Mini Dress, $530


Emilia Wickstead Gabriel Tulle Dress $2,630



Dodo Bar Or Josephine Velvet Beaded Midi Dress $915


BALMAIN Rmbellished Mini Dress $5,290



Marchesa Notte Embroidered Cocktail Dress $795



While we’re talking party prep, here’s your annual reminder to give your skin as much attention as your wardrobe. My ride or die is Beauty Bio’s GloPRO. I received this little microneedling tool as a Christmas gift last year, and now I’m not sure how I ever lived without it.

It only takes about five minutes a day, and fends off my number one fear in life: wrinkles. I’m also convinced that it helps all of my expensive serums absorb more deeply. Plus, the Glitter GloPRO is getting ready to make its debut, so you can get your glitter on all season long. Your skin will thank me later.


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