Safe Bike Riding with iBert safe-T-seat

ibertinc.jpgI see kids at the park being pulled along on the back of their parents’ bikes in little trolleys and it looks so dangerous to me. Besides all the dirt and rocks that ends up on their faces, what if they fall out and crack their head on the sidewalk? I realize not all parents are psychotic like me but think about it, all kinds of things can happen to your kid as your pedaling away merrily. Me, I like to have my kid where I can see him at all times. Now you can put your toddler in front between you and the handle bars so they feel nice and safe between your arms. iBert safe-T-seat will give you control over both your child and the bike so neither of you will eat dust.  Check out photos of happy little bikers here.

$94.95 for each Safe-T-seat.  At

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