Lift, Lift, and Away: Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream is a Dream

Lift, Lift, and Away

I’ve seen just about every fad come and go (thanks to the Digital Age, trends get recycled as quickly as the seasons change!), but one thing never goes out of style: anti-aging – or more specifically, lifting products that claim to reverse time. We Americans will buy into every ad claim and pray that we will wake looking like our middle school selves (before we discovered the bronzing effects of baby oil and tin foil).

That said, I’ve never really believed in lifting products…how can it be possible to go against gravity?? When I received Chantecaille’s Bio Lifting Cream, though, I was of course excited to try it. As with all of the brand’s skincare, I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, it is the single most skin-changing cream I’ve ever used. Thanks to age and the seasons changing, I had been flaking and peeling in odd places like the area between my brows. One application of this, and my skin was instantly smoother; after two weeks of daily use, the improvements were huge. I’m not convinced that I’m more lifted or tightened, but my face is definitely smoother and more radiant. I recommend using the cream with Kat Burki’s Micro-Firming Wand (at Kat Burki for $85). It arrived the same week I started testing the Chantecaille. This seemed like the perfect product storm, and as it turns out, it was.

Don’t be discouraged by the high-tech-looking contraption; it’s extremely easy to use. There are no cords or complicated instructions. You can take the pocket-sized, battery-operated wand anywhere and everywhere (I brought it on a recent flight to Paris), and like magic, it’ll keep you looking refreshed through it all! This is so fun that I used it for an hour the first night (it was all documented on SnapChat, though it’s since vanished), and have been using it regularly ever since (well, every other night; I’m not diligent enough for more than that). I spoke with several doctors who assured me that the only way to lift and tighten skin with long-lasting results is to get a facelift, but each agreed that a good moisturizer will improve facelift results. All I can say is that for now, this seems to be working for me! Check out some other “lifting” products below. Chantecaille Bio Lifting Cream Plus at Neiman Marcus for $342.

Lift, Lift, and Away

Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream SPF 30:icon This is about as pricy as Kiehl’s gets, but I don’t think it’s any better than the brand’s other creams. I didn’t even notice a difference in my skin tone. Save your money and go with an old favorite of mine: the Ultra Facial Creamicon. At Kiehl’s for $82.

Lift, Lift, and Away

Korres Black Pine Firming, Lifting & Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream:icon This is an acceptable price point and a great moisturizer, packed with eight active (and in some cases, patented) ingredients. At Sephora for $68.

Lift, Lift, and Away

Frank Body Everyday Face Moisturizer: I LOVE this entire line! Caffeine does offer temporary tightening effects, and the vitamin E leaves my skin so soft and smooth. At Frank Body for $21.95.

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