L’Occitane Women’s Day Soap

L'Occitane Women's Day Soap

Priced at just $8 L’Occitane has just released their limited edition Women’s Day Soaps, which are produced in Burkina Faso as part of a co-development partnership with a local factory. The factory has been run entirely by women since 2010 to support their economic emancipation. All profits from this soap go to support L’Occitane’s Foundation to help fund the building of literacy centers for women in Burkina Faso, in a collaborative project with the NGO, “Aide et Action.” The brand does this every year, but this year I love that they opted to remind us that every little bit counts by printing “one soap purchased = 3 brisks to build a literacy center” on their box.

Better yet, not only do these soaps benefits a fantastic cause, but they’re made with a high (52%) concentration of shea butter. Anyone who has tried L’Occitane’s signature products knows few products moisturize as effectively as their shea butter-based ones making these bars a particularly great find during these dry winter months. So come on…support women’s education!

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