Loewe Woven Tote Bag: Loewe and Behold

Loewe Woven Tote Bag

If the rainbow woven Loewe looks familiar, that’s because I just featured it recently. I try not to repeat or recycle posts, but this tote has been on my must-list all season, and I love the way it looks with this outfit! Who knew blue suede would look – or feel – so fresh in the summer? The only problem with the asymmetric top (at Forty Five Tenicon – 40% off for $1,350) is that there’s no sleeve on the right side, so any time you lift your arm, you’re basically flashing someone. Wear it with a bandeau if you love to talk with your hands…or just exercise control and keep your arm down. To add a retro spin, I wore my Loewe duo with a pair of ‘80s jeans from Dolly Python Vintage (at Dolly Python for only $25 with tags!) and The Woods fine jewelry (at Forty Five Ten). That’s one of the reasons I love these Loewe pieces so much; they have so much personality that you can wear them with comfortable denim, and your outfit will still end up being the boldest in the room. Loewe woven bag available at Forty Five Tenicon for $3,852.87.

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