Longer Days, Longer Dresses

Nothing screams summer like maxi dresses. Coming in at five foot, three inches I thought that I just wasn’t tall enough for a maxi for years. As with most fashion revelations, all it took for me to break out of my self-imposed maxi ban was actually trying one on. Here’s a secret – the longer the skirt, the taller you look.

Not all maxis are created equal, though. I’ve learned the hard way that heavy materials lock in the heat (not exactly ideal for 95-degree weather), and so I will be going gauzy all season long. Plus, it’s an excellent excuse to splash bright, tropical flower-laden patterns all over my body. You might think that the key to an easy, breezy summer is a shorter skirt, but you’d be wrong.


Banjanan Carnation Dress , $545


ALICE + OLIVIA Hetty Satin Maxi Dress, $660


ACE & JIG Casa Cotton Maxi Dress, $445


Tessora Mona Square-Neck Eyelet Sleeveless Dress, $275

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