Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 Collection: Joy Ride


Stepping off a moving carousel and onto a shimmering hologram-effect stage, appeared Marc Jacobs‘ models in all their quintessential French splendor. The theme: Le Carrousel – the circular, topsy-turvy, and dulcet dance of fashion – and yes, the joy of Parisian dress was felt the instant the curtains rose to reveal the merry-go-round.

A feast for the eyes – feathers, tiaras, and bold broderie anglais in every color of the pale cotton-candy rainbow – it was simply to die! Unabashed optimism was in the air at Louis Vuitton‘s Spring show, and Jacobs flaunted his flair for charming extravagance and ornate detail with panache. Perhaps he’s prepping for his role at a couture house! Either way, the results were spectacular. The opening look, an organza-wrapped broderie anglais dress paired with a tiara set the tone: Parisian princess! Wearing big, embroidered boy-meets-girl collars, light-reflecting cap-toe pumps, and puffed skirts, completing sixties-vintage suits, sitting low on the hips for an off-kilter effect – in sunset corals, sky blues, and mint greens – the garments exuded a joie de vivre. Even navy blues were more playful than proper.

Behind that zeal? Hours upon hours of hand-stitched work, and it was worth every moment.

More demure looks gave way to studded and stoned three-dimensional broderie anglaise dresses, boasting big flowers that tempt you to reach out and touch them. Sheer overlays gave much of the clothing a fantastical feel and playsuits and high-waisted knit shorts showed miles of leg. A feathered tweed motorcycle stood out, but it was all leading up to the last look, worn by the inimitable Kate Moss: a sequined and feathered laser-cut dress, with a sterling flask and creamy leather pumps. Closing a show full of softness, light, and delight, here was a vision of pure fashion fantasy. And isn’t injecting some magic, with the excitement of a child, what it’s all about?


Photo credit: Style.com



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