Love Life Skin Glowing Cleanser: Feel a Glow of Happiness


Love Life Skin is a luxury skincare line developed specifically for sensitive skin. With their exclusive Recovery Elixir 31 (a blend of, yes, 31 organic botanicals, antioxidants, and moisturizers), their formula targets inflammation and dryness, protects against free radicals, and rebuilds collagen levels. It’s made to leave skin smoother and brighter. What makes the line special? It also leaves your complexion with a slight glow.

You can already buy their Intensive Recovery Serum ($150), Moisture Reservoir Hand Cream ($65), Revitalizing Eye Cream ($95), and Restorative Moisturizer ($125), but as of mid-October Love Life Skin is releasing the Glowing Cleanser. It so happens that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With 10% of the natural beauty-enhancing brand’s net proceeds donated to women’s cancer research, it’s the perfect time to launch this great cleanser. I received a trial sample and loved it so much it’s the first thing I packed in my travel case for Paris – because the last thing I need is a rash or break-out during my trip! Available as of October 15th at Love Life Skin.

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