Lululemon Has Launched a Gender-Neutral beauty line

On the heels of the news that Lululemon is getting into the shoe game (they’re phasing out  my beloved APL shoes and will be launching their own line), they’ve launched their first ever beauty line. Aptly named Selfcare, it’s a 5-piece gender neutral range (it comes in red and white packaging in a nod to their OG logo) that includes a lip balm, facial moisturizer, deodorant (two scents), and dry shampoo. It’s sold on their website as well as Sephora and priced  between $14 to $48.

Now being pregnant I appreciate that it has Sephora’s clean seal of approval. Everything is made without things like aluminum, parabens, sulfates and gluten (apparently that’s a problem in beauty products too!?). It’s exhausting trying to figure out which ingredients are safe and which aren’t (one doctor says this, another says that) so going for products that are clean-approved is the easiest way to feel secure in the choices I’m making while pregnant. As of now I’ve only tried one product from the range – I picked up the lip balm at Sephora and it’s lightweight and not scented (as far as I can tell) which let me tell you as a pregnant woman nauseous ALL THE TIME is key. It also doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind or feel like it’s only giving me very temporary relief.

That said, at $14 I’m not sure that it works all that much better than my beloved Blistex Ointment (also ironically red and white packaged), but it’s sure a lot nicer to look at it and I literally get asked about it ALL the time when I slather it on at my workout class in Israel. Luluemon…you need to open in Tel Aviv you have a huge fan base here! 


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