“Lunchtime” Brazilian Thread “Butt” Lift – Watch out J.Lo!


Can a 45-minute procedure give you J. Lo’s butt? According to Dr. Bill Johnson, a plastic surgeon in Dallas, it can. Apparently only local anesthetic is used for this minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure to lift and shape the buttocks called the Brazilian Thread-Lift.

During the first visit, while under local anesthesia, the patient has several specifically-designed sutures or plastic threads strung under the skin and across each buttock (OUCH! How do you sit or pee for that matter afterwards?!). The entire procedure takes less than an hour. They tell us that these threads have a series of thin knots covered by tiny cones which can be placed easily and with minimal discomfort (I am not about to try this to find out if this is true but if you do, please let us know!). The cones create small fibrotic areas that function like little ligaments. After three months, the patient returns for an equally-brief follow-up visit, during which the doctor will gently tightens each thread, providing a smooth, even lift.

I guess this is better than butt implants but it sounds painful! You can also combine this with lipo, fat transfer and any other procedure your heart desires. Only a few doctors do this in New York and California, and Dr. Bill Johnson in Dallas.

Visit Dr. Johnson’s website at: www.innovationsmedical.com for futher details.


  1. renyin
    August 16, 2011 / 1:23 pm

    Please tell me that picture is photoshoped…

    J Lo Vs Kim Kardashian. Who will come out in the bottom??

  2. mamavalveeta03
    August 21, 2011 / 12:58 am

    Ha ha ha!!! @renyin That is TOO good!!

    Butt, I agree…that can’t be her real behind…if it is, she’s got a REAL pain in the *ss!!

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