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Post by Michelle

I love taking baths. I love having wrinkly fingers and toes. I mostly love closing the bathroom door and soaking away my bad days. When I’ve had a particularly bad day I will treat myself to a Fairy Jasmine bath bomb. It’s a fizzy bomb that is filled with iridescent sparkles that float in the water and stick to your skin when your bath time is over. I find a lot of Lush’s products to be too smelly. I can hardly enter the store without getting a headache, but Fairy Jasmine’s got an amazing smell that relaxes you without being to overwhelming. I use it right before bed to relax myself (and it’s kind of fun to go to bed all sparkly!) But be warned, the sparkles to stick so don’t use it if you’re going anywhere that might not be sparkle appropriate. Your skin will be super smooth and soft after the bath though! The only disappointing thing about this bath bomb is that it will be gone soon! I just went to Lush’s website and apparently it’s a limited time only. Boo! Try one now. You won’t regret it, I promise!! $5.75 each.


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  1. Stacy
    March 4, 2011 / 12:54 pm

    I love lush a lot but I started using these shea butter bath bombs at and I am so hooked because they are only $3.29 and they are HUGE. I think they are 8oz, but they are like the large lush ones. I still love LUSH but this allows to really induge myself with my bath addiciton without breaking the bank.

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