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Mother’s Day is 9 days away. Are you ready to pamper and spoil your mama? Let me be super honest here, some moms just aren’t very practical when it comes to gifts (and by some, I mean me). We don’t want kitchen utensils or a new washing machine (those aren’t gifts, they’re essentials needed to take care of the family) and while we do appreciate a new high tech camera or other fun gadgets– for Mother’s Day, we just want to be spoiled silly with things that make us feel pretty! With that in mind, I partnered up with What Goes Around Comes Around, the premiere destination for luxury vintage goods, to curate a list of fabulous pieces that will make any mom smile (especially this mom sitting in front of her laptop)! Best part is, I was able to find different price points (Hermes scarf for $390!) so you can splurge on mom accordingly.

By the way, Diamonds are always a good idea, especially in the form of a flawless set of antique dangling diamonds studs weighing 4 carats each (hint hint to the hubby – he reads everything I write and it’s become quite useful when it comes time for Christmas, Birthdays and yes Mother’s Day). But should your budget for mom not allow an extravagant piece of jewelry, just know you have options. What options you ask? Take this beautiful vintage Chanel Le Premiere timepiece in gold and black for example. It’s a classic piece that never goes out of style! Also note that it is much less than current retail ($4000 new in stores vs $1700 from What Goes Around NYC), in case your very practical mother asks.

Chanel Black/Gold Premiere Watch S ($1,750)

Chanel Vintage Camellia Earrings ($550) If mom loves Chanel, flowers and jewelry, why not get her a pair of floral Chanel Camellia earrings?! It’s something she can wear daily or dress up with the new Chanel bag she’s been eyeing (ask dad to get that for mommy please- this is a side note for my son who I will send this article to).

Chanel Vintage Maxi Flap ($7,500) – if your mother is a collector of art and luxury bags, she will love this limited edition vintage Maxi flap Chanel bag! She can wear her art on her arm instead of framing it on her wall.

Goyard Yellow Goyardine Saint-Louis PM ($1,560) – some moms love looking stylish while feeling practical! If yours is always looking for that elusive practical yet fashionable bag- Goyard has the answer! You can also have it monogrammed for her in a contrasting color to make it even more special.

Gucci Soho Tote ($1,250) – Gucci is back, with a vengeance! If mom regrets ridding of her favorite Soho tote now that it’s no longer embarrassing to sport the double GG logo, get her this one in pristine condition for half of current retail.

Hermes 1821 Hommage À L`Amitié Franco-Hellénique Silk Scarf ($390) – I’ve said it again and I’ll say it again, you can not go wrong with buying mom anything from Hermes. While a Kelly or Birkin might be out of your budget, a gorgeous hued silk scarf will work just fine!

Hermes Feathers’ Enamel Cuff ($750) – For the collector of Hermes bangles (that would be me)- this statement making Indienne edition enamel cuff in extra large!

Hermes Orange H Niloticus Crocodile Lisse Birkin 30CM ($45,000) The holy grail of all bags since the beginning of time has been the crocodile Hermes birkin. It is the single bag investment that you will not regret. Less than 10 years ago, a crocodile birkin in size 30cm went for about $18,000. Now it will set you back at least $45,000 if you can even get one~ you do the math.

Louis Vuitton X Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Roses Coin Purse ($550) – It’s hard to get your hands on the artist series from Louis Vuitton but trust What Goes Around NYC founder Seth Weisser to always have the best of the collectibles! I missed out on this Stephen Sprouse graffiti rose the first time around (I was busy with a newborn baby at the time) but definitely scooping up a few pieces now that they’re hard to find collectibles!

Check out the rest of my picks for Mother’s Day gift ideas!

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