Lymphatic Drainage might be just what your beauty care routine is lacking

I’m obsessed with sweating it out at Shapehouse and now I’m equally obsessed with their lymphatic drainage. You’re probably wonder what exactly lymphatic drainage is…as I certainly was! For the uninitiated it’s a massage technique that stimulates the drainage of the lymph to the lymph nodes. The lymphatic system is an essential part of the immune system – which is why this type of massage is a great way to help prevent getting sick. Unfortunately because of all the environmental toxins around us and in our diet the lymphatic system is often blocked. Lymphatic drainage applies pressure to key areas to unblock the flow (basically it helps move fluid, mostly water, to get it to where it needs to go). Along the way it can also help with metabolism/weight loss (since it moves along water thereby treating excessive water retention), skin, and sleep. It’s totally painless and totally not sweaty so a lot of people do it before detoxing in the sweat lodge. Usually this type of massage is preformed by a masseuse, but at Shapehouse the 55 minute session involves wearing a full-body suit (like with their sweat session) that is connected to a device similar to those that measure blood pressure. It’s not only relaxing but invigorating and something you’ll instantly want to add to your regular wellness routine. It’s not surprising that Shapehouse is fast expanding! (you can read or watch TV or sleep while this treatment is happening). After just opening a new location on the Upper West Side in NYC, they’ve opened one in Brooklyn. It’s worth keeping tabs on their new openings because they have great discounts (including free treatments) every time they open a new location. Just make sure they tighten the straps tight enough that you’re actually feeling the pressure! (the first time I went to Shapehouse they didn’t tighten them enough and the effect isn’t as strong).

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