Mabel’s Labels for stuff your kid (and hubby!) loses!

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My son often comes home with jackets that do not belong to him that do not have labels which drives me nuts. I label everything he wears so we never lose anything but not all mothers are anal like me! It’s a strange obsession I have; I get a lot of pleasure labeling his lunchbox, jackets, backpack, anything and everything he takes out of the house! I’ve tried iron on labels but they don’t stay on when washed so I’ve resorted to writing with permanent markers on clothing tags (so not chic!) This is why I am so excited about discovering Mabel’s personalized labels. Mabel’s Labels are super sticky so the clothing labels will not come off in the laundry plus you can label utensils and not worry about it peeling in the dishwasher. Genius! I want to label everything with it, even my husband’s stuff (yes, at his age he still needs to be monitored, coffee mugs he takes to the office/golf course rarely make it back home)! mabels_labels_1.jpgAt Mabel’s Labels here. Warning: You will become a label addict so proceed at own risk! Tag mates (great alternative to iron ons) $21 for 75 tags. You can choose the color of font and a symbol according to your child’s interests or personality. I guess I am a label whore after all 😉

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