MAC Style Black brings back memories


MAC’s latest and greatest showed up at my door this weekend and I was transported back to my high school days in the 80’s. The Greasepaint sticks in black and blue? Reminded me of my Robert Smith of The Cure moments. Blue flame eye shadow? I did that, with the black eyeliner (I didn’t say I looked pretty!). The only thing I stopped at was black lipstick back then, way too Goth for me. I was just trendy, never rebellious or strange (I remember the Goth kids with black lipstick and safety pins in their noses, yikes!). What’s worthy of checking out is the Glimmer glass lip glosses. The ‘Bling Black’ is actually a pale gold with flecks of dark silver. Could be very sexy on date night! Even the skincare is black, I loved the Volcanic Ash exfoliator and mask, very gentle yet gets all that gunk out of your poors. I am definitely giving the black lipstick and black lip gloss to my niece though. Can’t imagine what the hubby would do if I showed up at dinner with black lips. What about you? Will you try the black lipstick and black lip gloss?

MAC Style Black Collection here.

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