Maison Martin Margiela Thigh High Boots: A Leg Up

Maison Martin Margiela Thigh High Wedge Boot

Okay, thigh high is almost an understatement here. These are basically pants (albeit ones that require a nice dress and in spite of what some forgetful starlets think, a pair of panties!). Leave it to Maison Martin Margiela to have us questioning whether shoes are pants or pants are shoes. Regardless, this is the most flattering and lengthening style for us tiny girls with slimming, thin bonded leather that clings to you without cramping your style. And it comes with a four-inch wedge!

I was planning to wear these everyday. That is until they arrived in the mail. I had pined for similar Celine boots last season, and was so glad I waited because the white MMMs are just insane. But there’s a nail sticking straight up inside the shoe – I almost sliced my foot in half! It’s in the bed of the boot, almost as if there intentionally. I can’t get the nail out for the life of me! Let’s just say some boots are not made for walking…or even wearing. Maison Martin Margiela thigh high boots on Shopbop for $1,855 in black and white.

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