Major cuteness alert!

There’s a lot of talk about there being a quarantine baby boom. Whether that talk annoys you or you buy into it, it’s impossible to resist the cuteness you’ll find at Yikes Twins. And as someone who has done many rounds of IVF I can certainly relate to the brand name! Unlike what it might suggest, however, the brand isn’t selling matchy-matchy sets, but rather some of the most adorable towels, slippers, onesies, and more. Their pieces make great gifts too because they’re affordable and totally Instagram-worthy. Their hooded towels, suitable for ages 2 and up, can also be personalized. And, in this age of cleaning non-stop, it’s worth singling out their soapsox and slipper (available in two sizes) assortment and that they have an extensive selection of clearance items at the moment (including their signature towels!).


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