Marc Jacobs NYFW Spring 2013 Collection: Starry Eyes and Stripes

Marc Jacobs show looks from his Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show.

It would be a grave understatement to say that Marc Jacobs has simply earned his stripes as a designer. In his two decades as a defying force in the fashion world, he has made a number of intelligent references to his newbie days at Perry Ellis (hello, grunge!). But only right in time for Spring 2013 has he come full circle.

How often do I go on about my Perry Ellis striped jackets from Marc Jacobs circa 1993?! This entire collection pretty much sums up the beginning of my love affair with Marc – and why it’s still going on to this day. The show started off with a T-shirt, simple, white, and with a panel of black-bar stripes, and that was the little seed that would blossom for the length of the collection. Stripes in all ways! Literally. They came bold, fuzzy, vertical, horizontal, complex, simple, thick, barely-there, minimal, and over-the-top (along with some simple neutral and animal-print looks injected for good measure). The energy is still here, but the nuttiness that Marc embraced for Fall has been traded for a sense of sleekness (save for the ironic references to court jesters and carnival folk). Teased bouffants and black eyeliner complemented the semi-retro vibe, arriving via ladylike yet louche two-piece suits and low-slung, A-line skirts. Slinky, long-sleeved evening dresses with fantastical stripes (and checks, too) packed a punch to dizzying effects – and I just can’t wait to make heads spin. Marc is always infectious, but this collection reaches a new level of ingenuity. These stripes are so much more than a run-of-the-mill pattern! The striking simplicity of this collection reflects his immense growth as a designer, as well as an endlessly creative person.

Marc Jacobs show looks from his Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show.

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