Marc ties up another loser


We have to hand it to Marc Jacobs, no other designer has consistently designed so many ugly bags in succession without being fired or blasted by fashion editors. Instead, they blindly rave about everything he produces because LVMH is one of the biggest advertiser in publication and to piss them off is to kill the golden goose, and since Marc is their golden boy, no one messes with him. Well, The Bag Snob is on NO ONE’s payroll so we’ll tell him what everyone is really thinking but afraid to say:

Dear Marc,

Nice gig you’ve worked out for yourself! Hanging out at cafes instead of working, spending quality time with prostitutes and bulim-a-rexic hobags, traveling around the world and expensing it to LVMH, and no one’s caught on yet! I mean look at this Tie Tasha bag, isn’t this last year’s bag with a tie added on? And what are these weird studded ties supposed to do? They look like toilet paper hanging out of someone’s pants, in other words, a total embarrassment. Looks like you also threw in the gold chain and buckle as an afterthought, what’s the buckle holding together, the side seam? And how annoying will it be to have to move the ties out of the way to grab stuff in the bag? This stupid tie bag is going to look great on Paris Hilton and will certainly come in handy when she can’t find her handcuffs. You truly are GENIUS! Who else gets paid so much to do so little? Bravo!

Disrespectfully yours,

The Bag Snob

$1950 at eLuxury(buy it if you don’t mind risking ridicule)


  1. Kelly McCall/Ray Souders
    August 23, 2006 / 8:47 pm


    Talk about cutting right to the chase! Just keep on telling it like it is! I love the fact that you will not kowtow to the whims of any designer. You always bring the truth forth, I do admire that quality in you!


    PS… Carry a weapon, Bernard Arnault hires thugs.

    And Lil Kim is out of the “joint”. Just thought I’d share. HK

  2. The Bag Snob
    August 23, 2006 / 8:55 pm

    OMG! You are right! But this is all evidence for the FBI should they hire thugs after me, the FBI are not on their payroll are they? I know certain politicians (who shall remain unnamed but one of them is an expert at having sex without having sex) go to parties LVMH throws in order to kiss Bernard’s ass. Did you see pix of his daughter’s wedding? She’s all bony and mousy but managed to snag a cute guy. Anyway, that is good advice! I will use my Christian Louboutin stiletto heels as my weapon. Bring it on!


  3. K
    August 25, 2006 / 10:42 pm

    Saw this bag in person at Fred Segal. So much stupider than it look in the picture.

  4. Roxanne Russell
    September 6, 2007 / 10:31 am

    I love this bag,I actually own one, but then we are all entitled to our own opinions.

    I also think its much better in person.

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