Marni Striped Felt Tote: Snob or Slob?

Marni Striped Felt Tote

While lazy summer afternoons spent sprawled on a sandy beach are merely a distant memory, they will feel a little less far away with the assistance of this Marni tote. Anyone up for some beach-blanket recycling? The use of felt normally feels quite cozy and autumnal, but there’s something about Marni’s bright, painterly, touchable panel of stripes that evokes crashing waves, sunset barbecues, and tattered cutoffs (instead of say, your new indigo flares).

Maybe that’s the way to treat this bag – as a beach tote to toss your Sauvignon Blanc bottle and magazines into. Because it’s not going to be easy to pull this off with your current nubby sweaters, wool coats, and leather jackets and still manage to look remotely sophisticated. So what do you think: is this bag nothing but a wet blanket, or does it exude multi-seasonal chic? Marni striped tote at Barneys New Yorkicon for $1,310.

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