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Magazine writers throw around words like “casually edgy”, “edgily romantic”, and the ubiquitous “cutting edge” even when the description is far from the designer they are writing of. Although being “edgy” is what every young designer aspires to, none come close to the unique and imitable Marni. Consuela Castiglione, designer of Marni, has been designing funky clothes and bags for years but has never really hit it with the mainstream and Marni loyalists want to keep it that way! Like the other artsy Italian designer Miucia Prada, Consuela marches to her own beat and loves experimenting with bold shapes and colors. Not everyone gets Marni’s quirky style but the ones who do are hooked for life! Although they are not major investments, most bags are under $900, Marni bags are cherished by bag collectors for their whimsical style and craftsmanship.

I love this white frame bag with leather, plexi, and steel psychedelic discs, it’s like a piece of pop art on your bag! When you’re done using it you can frame it and hang it in your closet.

The 60’s inspired brown and cream frame bags with tortoise shell clasps are trec chic. The color block trend doesn’t seem to work on clothes but on little bags it rocks!

Select styles from Marni is available at Net A Porter, the greatest online boutique in the world!


We first featured this bag a couple of months ago when it showed up on the Marni fall runways and still think it is one of the best bets for fall. Contact Marni store for more details. MARNI 161 Mercer St, New York, 10012 – (212) 343-3912

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  1. Amanda
    June 18, 2006 / 12:16 am

    Cute! Where can I get this white bag online? With overseas shipping?

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