Matrix Oil Control Treatment


As soon as the heat hits, my hair gets extra greasy so against my better judgment, I end-up washing my hair nearly daily. Of course, instead of having flat, greasy hair, I then end-up with dry hair, which is why I was happy to try-out the Matrix Biolage Oil Control Treatment ($15.99 for 4.2 oz). I’ve been spraying a little on my scalp area and brushing it through for the past few days and it did a good job at preventing my hair from getting that oily, flat, dirty look.

The downfall is that, for me, the smell of the spray was somewhat of an acquired taste. I didn’t like it at first and a few people commented on it since it’s fairly strong, which means that if you like it you’re lucky and I have to say, most thought my hair had a fresh, just washed-smell…just what I was going for:)


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