Mawi Quartz Drop Earrings

Okay frugal Jewel Snobs, check out these fabulous earrings by Mawi! At first glance they resemble rubies surrounded by antique seed pearls with diamond leaves. At second glance they still resemble the real thing! I love the antique setting, perfect for my friend who is afraid to buy old jewelry for fear the previous owners’ energy is still attached to it. (I am a fiend for antique jewelry but I always spray it with alcohol and lavender to clean the energy off. I then ask the piece for permission of ownership. Although true Jewel Snobs know that you never really own your jewelry, it owns you!) Anyway, this piece is perfect for the girl who wants nice jewelry but can not afford her own yet or found a man who can. The bloody red quartz is the splash of color you need to liven up a little black dress or dress up a pair of jeans. The best part is the price, $216! Purchase Mawi Quartz drop earrings here.

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