Me Too Toscana Jim Shirt – Clothing for Little Boys


Shopping for boys’ clothes depresses me.  Not only are boys’ clothes squished to the corner of most stores as an afterthought, but the colors and styles are drab compared to the gorgeous shades in the girls’ department.  I like to dress up my little boy in clothes other than the same boring polo shirt and chinos.  Distressed jeans and cool shirts are our favorite (I should say my favorite, I don’t think my son cares what he wears as long as it has snap buttons!) and the Toscana Jim shirt from Me Too fits the bill.  Loving the red pinstripes contrasted with gray cotton back and though I’m not a fan of cartoon characters on clothes this at least looks artsy and cool. 

Me Too Toscana Jim Shirt – Clothing for Little Boys $32.95


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