Meet the MILF – Part I


I had the chance to interview MILF expert and founder of Magazine MILF the other day to get the lo-down on what exactly a MILF is from a real-life one and daughter, she says, of the original MILF. Unfortunately her identity must be kept top-secret as she is a power player in the publishing world, but rest-assured after speaking with her, this lady most definitly knows her stuff – Read-on for Part I of Snob’s tongue-and-cheek look at what it is to live the life of a MILF.

Can you explain what a MILF is?

In the most generic and G-rated terms, MILF is a synonym for a hot mom or, if you are British, a yummy mummy. The word MILF is actually an acronym whose exact meaning you can find on

While many people think of a MILF in purely surface terms, I consider it largely a state of mind. For example, I bestowed upon Julia Child the title of Honorary MILF, after reading her amazing book, “My Life in France.” Although she never had children and she wasn’t a conventionally beautiful woman, her self-discovery and late-bloomer career trajectory are an incredible inspiration to women everywhere (and men too – my hard-to-impress husband was floored). She had such great personality and joie de vivre, you can understand why a handsome man like Paul Child was smitten.

I think MILFiness is also about taking care of yourself once you have a baby. I understand the tendency to let things go. E.g., How can you possibly perform expert makeup application when a screaming child is demanding your attention? Or exercise when you have been awake since 4am? But I think it’s a sign of self-respect, rather than indulgent vanity, to keep up appearances. If you don’t have time or energy to keep with your pre-mom routine, head to your nearest makeup counter and commission a makeup artist to devise a new routine for you. If you can no longer wear heels, invest in cute flats. If you can’t get to the gym, get a running stroller. And so on.

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What is a Magazine MILF?

There is only one Magazine MILF and that’s me. I am self-declared. Magazine MILF is my online alter ego, an insider who is extremely opinionated – and hopefully entertaining in those opinions — about magazines, fashion, celebrity and the media.

Are MILF qualities innate or can they be taught?

As with children, there will always be the nature versus nurture debate, and I am a firm believer in the influence of varying degrees of both. Even if your mother was not a MILF, or you do not consider yourself a born MILF, do not be discouraged. You can become a MILF through sheer force of determination. The trick is making it appear innate. You’ve got to believe.

Where’s the best place to spot a MILF?

MILFs are everywhere – corporate boardrooms, tennis courts, playgrounds, Barneys, Conde Nast, blogging on their computers. We may have our first MILF in the White House since Jackie O. Very exciting.


Who are your fav celebrity MILFs?

Gwen Stefani is my number one. She has built an incredible career by remaining true to her vision. No matter the project – music, fashion, fragrance – it all makes sense with her very unique image and it all seems so effortless, even though she’s up front about all the hard work involved (which I admire). Of course, she always looks fabulous, both onstage and off. Unlike so many celebrities, who dress like homeless people when off the red carpet, Gwen does casual in a way that is comfy, appropriate and totally Gwen (red lipstick! always!). You know what else I like about her? She accepts that being famous entails paparazzi pictures – no complaints, no hand shields. She usually flashes a big smile and goes about her business. What a classy broad.

Nicole Richie has experienced a wonderful transformation as a new mother. I am loving the long locks, the slightly fuller figure and the relaxed look in her eye.


Any celeb mamas in need of a MILF makeover?

Do you really want to get me started on Kate Hudson? Let’s just say she could use many makeovers, style and personality among them. And her son! Can someone please inform her that androgyny is a bad thing to force upon an unsuspecting child?

Check-back with us soon for Part II of our interview with the Queen MILF!!

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