Melissa + Jason Wu Ultragirl Lace Flats: A Sticky Situation?

The collaboration between plastic-fantastic Brazilian brand Melissa and always-fantastic Jason Wu means charming style and possibly sticky feet. These flats are adorable, but in PVC?! I can remember back to the jelly-shoe days, and it is not with fond memories.

Your feet sweat and smell after wearing them all day (there is a teeny-tiny peephole on top of the shoe, to allow them some air but I don’t think it’s enough). The only PVC shoes I’ll wear are flip-flops, and that’s strictly when I’m at the beach or pool (sorry, I’m a shoe snob, what can I say?).

Melissa has recreated all the details of Wu’s trademark shoes, down to the folded-ribbon and Miss Wu embellishment, and these come a printed version of the lace that is one of his trademarks (often used on the linings of his shoes). I suppose one could wear tights with these super-cute ballet flats, which would solve most problems. But at that point, you might as well wear a non-PVC version – although the low price is tempting.

What do you guys think? Snob or slob?

On ShopBop for $138.

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