Men’s Culottes: The Short List just got Longer


All right, I can barely get my husband to stand my culottes, let alone get him in a pair, but Alexander McQueen’s SS16 mulottesicon (Is this a term? It is now!) give me hope that the trend will be making its way into menswear soon. Guys must get tired of wearing the same old shorts all summer long, no? This is a fun alternative – and a much cooler one than a pair of bootcut jeans. Granted, it’s not for every man (see: my husband). I suppose this is why, when I did some research, I found, well…very few options. Maybe we just need to spread the word! What do you think of the look?


Harbison Men’s Wrap Culotte: I normally suggest pairing culottes with crop tops for women, but for men, a tailored top will do the trick. On Amazon for $1,050.


Topman Grey Crosshatch Suit Culottes: Probably not office-appropriate (unless you work in fashion, in which case, wear whatever you want!), but for a business-casual event? It’s the perfect conversation starter. At Topman for $120.

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