Meteor Dust Is Now A Body Scrub Ingredient

Everyone has been buzzing about the solar eclipse and now you can keep the excitement going with Blaq (an Australian brand) Meteor Shower Scrub. That’s right, there is now a body scrub made with meteorite dust from outer space. Gimmicky? Of course! But it makes for a great random gift for someone who has it all or if you’re looking to brighten someone’s day with a fun little beauty gift (mercury in retrograde seems to have “caused” so many breakups…). In keeping with the gimmick approach you can look up where your bag of galaxy dust came from and when it fell from space by typing in a unique code, that you find on the back of the scrub, onto the website.

According to the brand the meteorites fall from the skies and are collected by nomads or meteorite hunters (stop rolling your eyes!). Even if you’re skeptical you’ll enjoy ingredients like sea salt flakes and activated charcoal for detox and exfoliation.

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