Why You Might Be Eating Metal And What To Do About It


The NYTimes recently published a very interesting story on lipsticks – and by interesting I mean I’m thanking my lucky stars that I usually opt for Blistex instead of a color product. We’ve long heard that some lipsticks have lead in them – lead has been associated with a slew of ailments including infertility, learning and behavior disorders, seizures, and even death, and that’s exactly why it’s been banned from products we’re exposed to everyday like paint. Why in the world it hasn’t been banned in beauty products is shocking and even more shocking is this article which found that there are other metals lurking in many lipsticks.

The study, published in the May issue of the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found traces of as many as eight other metals from cadmium to aluminum in 24 lip glosses and eight lipstick brands. The lipsticks tested were chosen because they’re the most popular among a set of teenage girls at a community health center in California which makes the whole thing even more disturbing. Read the whole article here.

So what can we do? Start buying lipstick being more conscious of their formulations. Some great brands to check out are Bite Beautyicon (everything is food grade), RMS Beauty (they’re organic), Vapor Organic Beauty, and Korresicon (they’re not all-natural/organic, but they’ve got a ton of antioxidant rich ingredients in them…their nourishing lip coolersicon are awesome).

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