MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Convertible Sleeveless Button Down Top: Blue Blob

I’ve seen some weird stuff throughout my fashion years, but this MM6 Maison Martin Margiela takes the cake as one of the biggest slob looking shirts ever. Being cool and different is one thing. (I get that approach and appreciate originality.) But looking like a fashion victim/freak/slob is quite another. I honestly don’t know what good could come from this sleeveless button down top. Which makes me wonder how one would go about buttoning and unbuttoning this never-ending atrocity. If the model were any shorter, it’d be dragging on the floor! But even chopping off 4 feet of fabric would not save it from tragedy.

When I saw “convertible” in the garment description, it got me to thinking…convertible to what? An adult bib, a smock for arts and crafts, or maybe all that extra fabric could be used to cover the model’s arms, since the sleeveless cut leaves them bare. However it converts, it won’t be converting to my closet any time soon.

On Shopbop for $295.

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