How to modernize the best 90s hair looks

Image: Vogue
It’s always exciting to see Kate Moss on a runway (or at this point, anyone that’s not Kendall, Gigi or Bella..sorry for being a hater…), but her walk on the Louis Vuitton runway, where she sported a French twist, was particularly inspiring and likely will usher in a trend of updated 90s looks. Sophia Porter, who works extensively with editorial and is at the forefront of beauty trends, suggests that to modernize this look, it’s important to add some texture to the hair with a product like Pai-Shau Texture Dust. “Leave out wispy pieces instead of large chunks to keep it fresh and fun. Within reason, flyways will always complement this look.”
And, why stop there? We asked Porter and hair guru Paul Labrecque from Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa for their take on updating other 90s favorites. And yes, she has tips for making DJ Tanner’s look modern.
Side/Feathered Bangs
Labrecque says what we’re all thinking: “I didn’t like this “rooster” look in the 80’s and never will! If we were doing something remotely similar today we would soften the bangs and get rid of the poof! This is one cut and style I think we should all forget and let go.” If you just can’t however Porter says that lately she’s been seeing a modern shag with bangs making a comeback. “Basically, it’s a long bob with lots of layers and a choppy bang. This looks great on a lot of people, especially those who do have a natural wave or curl to their hair. Keeping the cut more on the lived-in side will look much better than blunt lines. “
The Rachel
“Guilty as charged!” exclaims Labrecque. “All stylists had to master this iconic cut, and though it does scream 90’s, I do still think it is fresh for today. Jennifer Aniston has really worked this style as she’s grown, having longer layers, lightening up and adding in some different angles. This works so well for her face and it is a haircut that works for both younger and older women.” Porter agrees saying that she personally loves this cut and would not change a thing about it because you can basically do just about anything with it. “I take a larger barrel iron (1.5”) and curl the hair. Then, I split hair down the middle and back to create two sides. I curl each one back away from the face, add some texturizing product [like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray] on the roots and mid-lengths, and a bit of Pai-Shau Biphasic Infusion to the ends before shaking it out. This makes for a gorgeous everyday style that can be altered later into a cute pony.”
Winona Pixie
“If you want this look, on dry hair, using a small amount of a styling creme, glide your hand in circular motions on the ends, and proceed to work into the mid-lengths and roots,” sayd Porter. “From here, you can piece and shape the pixie to define your natural texture. Keeping things more on the effortless side will help stray away from the dated looks.”
“This is fantastic for those who have a good bit of length and a fringe bang! Prep the hair by adding some wave/body into it by curling away from the face (as always). Then spray all throughout with Pai-Shau Sublime Hair Spray. I love this product because it allows you to continue styling your hair without a sticky hold. For more volume and texture, use Pai-Shau Texture Dust and separate the hair down the middle to the back. Loosely tie off each pigtail with the hair covering the ears. I like to tie off each one about an inch or two below the ear lobe. Its a cute spin on a look we never thought we would try to wear as adults! Bangs can either be parted down the middle or worn traditionally on forehead.”

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