Molly Sims is Juicy in Juicy Orange Jeans


Blue jeans, white jeans, and now ORANGE jeans! This fall, they have gone from novelty pants for certain occasions to a wardrobe staple and must-have. Now that “hot” pants are more familiar – not such a shock to the senses – it’s become clear that a bright pair of orange jeans makes everything look better. Especially on supermodel-turned-jewelry designer Molly Sims. By blending Juicy Couture‘s jeans with a slouchy silk top, even slouchier cardigan, visible bra (for maximum “I just threw this on without a second thought” ease) and rugged belt, all neutral, she sets off the fiery shade without looking like she’s trying to make a statement. The sultry hue is easier to dress up than regular jeans (in blue, Molly’s would just be a conventional outfit) and just as wearable as white jeans. Juicy Couture’s version, in perfect juicy orange, makes me want a second pair!

Juicy Couture Colored Jean in Prep Cool At Juicy Couture for $158.

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