Molton Brown Launches Men’s Sport Collection


Molton Brown launched their Men’s Sport Collection this month and I was able to preview one of their products a few weeks ago. I opted to try their Anti-Perspirant Sportstick ($22) – the collection also includes 4-in-1 Sportwash ($24) and Body-warming Sportsbalm ($26) – because I stopped using women’s deodorant more or less completely a few months ago. I wish the whole “made for a woman, but strong enough for a man” thing was true in hot yoga, but from my experience it usually isn’t – grooossss! Because no one wants to smell, even in a 120 degree room,  I’ve been using the newbie from Molton Brown instead of my Anthony for Men for the last few weeks. It’s great! It has a manly, clean scent so don’t think that just because I’m using it, it’s feminine – it’s definitely not. As someone who like full-bodied and woody scents however this is just up my alley. There’s a little citrus via lime in the long-lasting scent (it’s strong, but not as overpowering). It also doesn’t irritate my skin like anti-perspirants sometimes can.

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