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Last year I spent a week on a yacht sailing the Mediterranean coast of Turkey – sounds like fun, right!? OY I can’t even begin to describe to what extent I was eaten alive by mosquitoes! I had to sleep covered head-to-toe, sprayed in a cocktail of Off, and all that in the sweltering heat! While the Off sprays proved to be effective in preventing new bites, they have a smell that is horribly potent – think cheap, taxi-cab air-freshener. You need to spray so much of this stuff that the smell literally seeps into all of your taste buds (everything you eat and drink ends up reeking of the spray!).


Needless to say, since that trip I’ve diligently avoided mosquito-repellent. Unfortunately yesterday, after having spent a day at the park, I know find myself once again covered in bites. Thankfully, Beauty Snob Tina shared with me a great tip—Avon Skin-So-Soft. Though not originally intended to ward-off mosquitoes, the Avon cream developed a reputation for having a fringe benefit of repelling mosquitoes. Apparently Avon caught onto this because they developed Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus Sprays. The sprays come complete with SPF (15 or 30), vitamin E, a water-resistant formula, and best of all they’re odorless. The cream also has a nice cooling effect and since it’s not too greasy you can latter it on and get dressed right after. The only draw-back to this cream is that you’ll have to reapply about every 2 hours if you want it to maintain its effectiveness..small price to pay to be bite-free and smelling fresh:)


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