Moves to Boost Metabolism

We don’t need to tell you that effecting metabolism is complicated and there’s no one thing you can do to boost it. How we move our bodies, however, is certainly a key. It’s proven that if you exercise regularly your metabolism will slow down at a considerably slower rate as you age. More specifically though, you can slow that rate down even further by, according to master trainer at POPiN Tony Vidal, working multiple body parts at the same time while also varying intensities and rest. “This can illicit an effect called EPOC (excess, post exercise, oxygen consumption), which is what impacts you resting metabolic rate.” Here Vidal outlines an effective workout circuit that he suggests you do 3-4 times a week. Do each move 12-15 times taking as little rest as possible between each move. After you finish all four exercises, take a 30 second to 1 minute break and repeat everything for a total of 5 rounds.
On the inhale keeping a neutral spine, lower body down keeping the elbows close to the ribs as you descend, retracting your shoulder blades at the end range of motion. On the exhale, equally press down in both palms, lifting the torso in one smooth line contracting the triceps and the pectorals at the top of the motion.
Renegade Row
Maintaining  a neutral spine and radial tension through out the entire body, on an inhale, press down in one hand as you begin to row with the other, guiding the elbow past the ribs, continue to pull until wrist is near the ribs and shoulder is fully retracted. On the exhale, slowly guide the arm down, returning to the start position before alternation to the opposite hand, keeping feet securely grounded into the floor the entire. motion so that the hips don’t sway.
On the inhale, engage the bells with a neutral spine, shoulders retracted, torso parallel to the floor, hips back, knees bent,  feet slightly wider than hip width and weigh distributed evenly through the entire foot. as you exhale, press through the entirety of the foot, extending the knees and driving the hips forward simultaneously as you make your way to the vertical position, keeping sure that the abdomen and glutes are working at the same time to keep the spine neutral.
Front Squat
Keeping the weights secured against the body in the front rack position, feet hip width apart,  inhale lowering slowly by bending the knees and sitting back into the hips, while maintaining length through the spine, and keeping weight evenly distributed in both feet. Continue to descend while engaging core musculature to keep proper posture until terminal end is reached (parallel or slightly below depending on flexibility), on an exhale drive the entire footprint down into the floor, fully extending the hips at the top of the range.

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