Mr. Messy and Little Miss Trouble: Mr. Men and Little Miss book series


The cutest little books on earth are Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men and Little Miss book series. They are compact and lightweight (4″x4″) so I always have one in my bag and several in the car for my four year old to entertain himself when we’re doing errands or waiting in doctor offices. He likes to read them by himself even though he can only recognize the 3 letter words right now. He loves all the silly characters (there are so many different ones and many look alike to me but for some reason he is able to tell the difference between Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Trouble who look like twins to me) and reads them each night with my husband. My hubby loves them, too and sometimes I think he almost enjoys them more than the little one ;). We were at dinner the other night and my son said to his father, “you are Mr. Strong daddy. And mama, she’s Little Miss Chatterbox because she talk talk talk and never stops”. Excuse me?! I do not talk that much! We just ordered a stack for his little girlfriend’s birthday (Kelly’s daughter) — they make fantastic gifts. Mr. Messy is a cute one, too. 3.99 at

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