Mulberry Valentine’s Alexa Satchel: Roses are Red…

Mulberry Valentine's Alexa Satchel

And so is Mulberry’s Valentine’s Day limited edition Alexa bag! Overall, I’d say the reincarnation is a subtle nod to the holiday – nothing about it screams February 14th, but that’s a good thing. With all of the cheesy cards and candy, a little understated chic could be a welcome presence. In fact, besides the glossy, red-hot leather, the only noticeable homage to love is the tiny heart hardware riveted onto the straps. Cute, but nothing so obtrusive that you would only be able to break this bag out in February. Plus, the messenger-style satchel is the perfect size for storing all the valentines you’ll receive throughout the day, and when you’re done collecting, you can close the postman’s lock to protect them safely inside. At the end of the night, date or no date, you’ll have good, old reliable Alexa by your side. And that’s a love that will last a lifetime. On Luisa via Roma for $1,833.

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