My Love for Valentino’s Bohemian Resort 2019 Bags

What better way to sell clothes or accessories than to make the viewer feel like they’re inhabiting Italian life? Walking them through cobblestone streets, immersing in the sensory pleasures of the air and enjoying the native sounds of Rome?

Instead of a careful and exact look book, Valentino has flown us to Rome for their Resort 2019 bag collection. Valentino has never spoke to me this way before. Prior to this, I’ll admit that Valentino was not on my radar for one simple reason: the over saturation of its now iconic Rockstuds circa 2011, plastered on bags to shoes to T-shirts meant I was well and truly over it.

Years later, I can appreciate the Rockstud by its objective merits.  Pierpaolo Piccioli’s handbag outing is rife with 70’s inspiration and is bohemian as they come. Although Valentino is known for its conservative feminine fashion, its bags tend to have a more daring approach. An example is the Candystud bag that debuted for Spring 2017 that looks as playful as it sounds. I don’t know how, but the inflatable pillow look simply works. 

If you love logos,  Valentino is doing it in a very nostalgic way: Valentino’s “VLTN” new logo. Inspired by the 80’s and 90’s athletic fashion on the streets, the new logo is reminiscent of baring your excesses; and some of the bags look like they actually lived in the past. Which is interesting; Valentino’s new structured shoulder bag looks like pre-Rockstud days, as if to remind you that its aesthetic world is much bigger than its signature stud.

Unfortunately, after my revelation that I don’t hate the iconic use of the Rockstud as much, the new bag loses a touch of its lustre.

Take a look at the whole collection below:


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