Two Things You Need to Update Your Spring 2016 Wardrobe

Nancy Gonzalez Small Crocodile Top-Handle Satchel

We love pastels, but they can be tricky. If the hue is even the slightest bit off or styled in the wrong way, you end up looking like you’re a six-year-old out in the yard hunting for Easter eggs. That said, there’s little that brings a greater sense of renewal than pulling out your lightest and brightest accessories for spring. It’s our subtle sartorial break into color, which culminates in vibrant summer rainbows before beginning the descent back into burgundy and mustard yellow for fall. The fleeting sense of the season can tempt you into buying every pastel shade out there, but I recommend keeping your wardrobe update tight. This pink Nancy Gonzalez top handle and icy blue Rag & Bone fedora are all you need! In the softest tints, they feel fresh, modern, and covetable – no matter what time of year it is. Nancy Gonzalez bag, $2,950, and Rag & Bone fedora, $195, at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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