Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Small Flap Shoulder Bag: The Dark Horse

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Small Flap Shoulder Bag

Color trends come and go, but at the end of the (increasingly short) day, there is nothing chicer than black on black. If you had any doubts about the power of monochrome ebony, look no further than Nancy Gonzalez. Her small flap shoulder bag captures the epitome of all-black appeal, in my opinion.

Rising out of a generation obsessed with bold brights, look-at-me primaries, saccharine pastels, and heavy-handed color-blocking (all of which have their place in my closet, don’t get me wrong!), the unflinchingly refined Nancy triumphs by offering us a timeless and elegant alternative. Her disdain for hardware paves the way for creative new ways of injecting details, including her signature covered chain-straps. Then caiman crocodile skin and three interior compartments, plus two zippered pockets, only sweeten the deal. But the best part of a bag like this? You will wear it; it won’t wear you. Nancy Gonzalez crocodile bag at Neiman Marcusicon for $2,950.

Pair with: Crave some “pretty” with your jet-black? Opt for Rag & Bone’s Ellinor skirt, of embellished and lace-paneled crepe. On My Theresaicon for $494.

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  1. golden godzilla
    April 30, 2021 / 1:06 am

    NOT A GREAT Crocodile
    “Caiman skin is the entry-level crocodilian leather and is a fraction of the cost of similarly-sized and graded Nile crocodile or American alligator skin, because of its boniness. Although caiman skin is at the bottom of the crocodile skin hierarchy, it’s still high in quality and perfect for shoemaking” from
    Top 4 Reasons to Use Caiman Skin for Your Men’s Leather Shoes

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