Neil Barrett Spring/Summer Leather Bags

Neil Barrett Clutch and Top Handle Bag

I’ve been a fan of Neil Barrett since the late ‘90s. Neil was instrumental in launching Prada menswear (he also designed at Gucci for years). Brilliant when it comes to crafting leather jackets and suits alike, I was finally was able to get my husband (then boyfriend) into suits I approved of, thanks to him. Neil’s take on womenswear is equally streamlined, clean, and detail-oriented.

So it’s very exciting to see his bags! Imbuing the same kind of contemporary approach he brings to his smart jackets, paneled sweatshirts, and even baseball caps (all in time for Fall ’13), they project strength and luxury at once. Bold edges and strict tailoring means no hyper-feminine fuss. The medium leather bag, geometric in bright teal, takes slightly masculine structure and softens it up with suede and pops of gold hardware. The oversized clutch, a perfect burst of goldenrod leather, is made for the girl who doesn’t care for logos and yearns for unique details. And that is a desire we should all feel now and again.

Medium leather bag, $1,298 and leather clutch, $880 available on The Corner.

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